Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Vermont case with the judge giving only 60 days to the child rapist.

Ok, I am going to go a bit off topic on this post. I am posting on the travesty of the sentencing of the child rapist getting only 60 days. I think that this is a total travisty. They need a Jesica law in Vermont.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Well it been a while since I have posted here. My real life has called me to it to much, so since this is not in the top 20 of my important list, things like Job, Church, Family, and the like come before this blog. But I will try to post more often in this blog.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dealling with the temptation

I have found a powerfull way to prevent temptations. And for those of you that have found this site, and are tring to get over the problem of a love for diapers. Here is what you can try, get a good hobbie. I have a nice hobbie (I am not going to post what it is, but it is a good hobbie) and when I do it, I have not had to deal with the temptations, it is a good way to keep yourself out of trouble.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Support (the 2nd key to success)

This post is a comment on support. I am lucky that I have a good support network in place; I have some friends that along with me are Recovering from these desires. I will not name names for privacy sake. But we have been a core group of people for about 3 years now. Yes 3 years, I have for the most part been diaper free for 3 years now. Also my Pastor knows so I get support there. My best friend (name not given) also knows and gives me support that I need on resisting these temptations.

Also you might ask what the 1st key is, well God is the first key.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sleep depervation

Here is the evil thing about these temptations. When you are tired you are more likely to give into the temptations. But the time that the temptations like to come at are at night when you are trying to sleep. The other night they kept me up. The temptation came in the form of the thyme song of the original Pull-ups commercial, it would just play over and over and over in my head, and no mater how hard I tried to get it out of my head it would not leave, and it would keep me up. So the next day was was tired and less of a resistance to the temptations. It turns itself into an evil cycle.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

To give you an idea how bad the tempations can be

Well to give you and idea of how a temptation could be. And what I mean is how stupid and inappropriate times it will come. I was in a meeting today, when the temptations, and a fantasy hit. It is not like I wanted this to come or to happen, there was no real reason for it. I can say that is not something I desire to struggle with, but it comes on me at times I don't want them, and haunts me in a way I don't want.

What motivated you to stop this activity?

Good question, first I can simply say it was the Hand of God. I know many will not really accept that anser, so here are the particulares as I remember them, I ran accross a online fourum about over comming this thing. In that fourum that would meet some one that would play a key role about a year later. This was back in 2000. that fourum has since been taken over by nut jobs that are trying to say the DL/AB live style is ok in moderation, but that happend after this story ends. Well I tryed for a while, 3 months to be exact and failed at that time. Well 6 months later this person contacted me out of the blue, to tell me about a new and better group, that was more centered around Christianity, the first fourum was not, and there was starting to brew an anti-christian spirit there. At this new group I meet another perons (I am not going to name names right now with out their permission) who was the leader of this group. This is back in 2001, at this time I was forced to make some actions I would really not want to have to do. I am not talking about mearly thoughing out the objects of desire, but I had to seek help. I ended up telling my pastor, I remember that night, I was so nervouse over it, I could not sleep, and I was petrafied to tell my pastor. My heart was beatting so hard that night that I ended up getting a bloody nose from the stress, I had never (repeat NEVER) been under that kind of stress in my whole life (and never had that kind of stress since) I could not sleep that night.

The next day when I meet with my pastor to tell him I was high strong over it. He was not angry or repulsed by what I said, he said that it took strangth to tell him. That was about 4 years ago, and I am still on the road to recovery, I still have the temptations, and I have fallen a few times. But I hope (I know with Gods help) I will over come this adiction/perversion.

One of my hopes for this blog might be that some one who is lost in this lifestyle might find it and find strenght to come out of it, it is a deap pit of dispare, but there is an escape.

In What form are the temptations?

How do the temptations come, well it comes as a strong desire, or a dream while asleep, or as a fantasy. The desire I can not really discribe very well, it is just a odd feeling though out my body, and a strong urge to go out and buy and wear. The dreams usally involves me in some way wearing them, the fantasy is some what like a day dream that just comes on me, and are pritty much like the dreams, but with out the vivad images in my mind.

Also some final house keeping if you wish to email me you can at hopetoquit at gmail dot com. Also you may leave comments, but for spammers, 2 things, I will delete your comments, and do you really want your company assosiated with this kind of blog? Hate comments will eather be addressed or deleted at my sole discresion.

Diaper based Memories

Well lets explore first the early memories I have involving diapers.

1) First I do remember being potty trained, I include this in diaper memories for now. It was eather spring or summer. I remember wanting to go outside and play, it must have been one of those potty trainings in a day things. But I was not allowed to go outside and play because I was being potty trained, I remember thinking it was unfair that I could not go outside and play.

2) This take place about when I was in the first gread. I had always been a bed wetter (I wet the bed till I was 9 years old) I guess my mother got tired of it, who can blame her. So she got some pampers and 2 pairs of plastic pants, one was baby blue and one was pink. She made me wear the diapers and plastic pants to bed. I also remember one day she made me where them to school under my overalls, I even remember her making me wear those pink plastic pants.

3) As a child I some times would not put on my underware, and if my dad discovered this he would call to my mother to get me some underware or diapers which ever she found first, of cource she always brought underware since most of the time there were not any diapers in the house (except when my younger sibling was a baby, and when I was in the 1st gread)

4) Next one, and I think where things started to fall apart in this department for me. This is when Pullups were just being introduced, I do not know why they got my attention, but I remember the comercial, and the song from the original comercial still hunts me to this day. I started to dream about wearing those pullups.

5) The Last one in this memory lane is when things finally hit a head and I became a fully a DL, I remember wanting to find out what a diaper felt like, so I found one and tried it on, I was just a pre-teen at the time, but something happend and I really enjoyed it. And from that day on (till the day I started to recover about 4 years ago) I have been a slave to diapers

The First of many

Hello if you have just found this blog you might have many questions I will try to anser a few of them here first.

1) Who are you
A) I am a Recovering Diaper Lover
2) A "Diaper Lover" what is that
A) if you don't know what it is you are lucky, here what a diaper lover is, it is some one that enjoys wearing and using diapers
3) What do you mean Recovering
A) I mean I am not doing it, though the temtations are there, I try to resist to the best I can. It is an adiction much like alcohole can be an adition, or drugs.
4) Why would you want too stop this activity
A) If you are asking this question then you are eather a DL or a AB (Adult Baby) and why would I want to stop this, because it is a gross and wrong lifestyle/obsesion
5) What is an AB
A) They are like DL's but they like pretending that they are babies and like to wear baby like clothing and drink from bottles and the like
6) Are you an AB
A) No not really, I do have some AB tendancies but for the most part it is DL that I strugal with
7) What is wrong with you that you like to wear diapers
A) I don't know, that is what I hope to explore with this new blog, and maybe others can leave comments on there thoughts as I try to explore why.
8) Are you for real
A) Saddy yes I am for real
9) Are you the only one in the world that has this perversion
A) Again sadly no, there are many that are like this, but many if not most of them do not want to stop this adition, there are also a few others out there (I have contact with them also) that are working on recovering from this addiction. These people along with me belive it is contrary to Gods will for us to take part in this fetish (there I said it what it is)
10) Were can I go for more infomation on this
A) At this time I don't want to put any links here, since there are are no recovering sites I know of. And I don't want to link to pro-AB/DL sites.
11) Why no personaly identifing infomation about you
A) Because some day I hope to put this whole thing behind me, and don't want anything assosiated with DL/AB attacked to my real name, so when I talk about people or times or events, I might leave out some details about them that could be used to identify them, and then inturn identify me.